Packers and Movers Kharghar

Packers and Movers Kharghar
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Greatway Cargo Movers Kharghar

Greatway Cargo Packers and Movers Kharghar has a proven track record in the field of packers and movers in the city. We are confident to step into your evry need for relocation. From the packing to reallocating, we share our shoulders in every step with you. We have a large number of satisfied customers from whom we get repeated business. We response them within no time as they call us. After fast paper formalities, we proceed to the packing of your valuables. The city Kharghar is one of the upcoming smart-city in Raigad, near Mumbai. Hence shifting is occurring in this city more frequently than before. Hence the scope of relocation is also high in the city.

To offer nice and quality moving services we have also opened our units in Panvel as Packers and Movers Panvel, in Navi Mumbai as Packers and Movers Navi Mumbai, in Andheri as Packers and Movers Andheri, in Kamothe as Packers and Movers Kamothe. All our units are popular moving brands.

Our moving services are so famous that our clients like us very much. Our services are cheap and at the same time they are matchless. No other mover can move you so nicely as we can do. Our fine moving services make everyone pleased. So, people regard us to be the best mover in Khargar.

Our Popularity in The Field of Moving:

Gateway Cargo Movers and Packers Kharghar is an organised packer and movers’ company. It is ISO 9001:2008 certified. It has proved its excellence in many ways of relocation. We serve in the areas of the home, office and car shift with insurance and warehouse facility. We have an absolute focus on customer satisfaction. This is what encourages us in every step of relocation. We have to handle the corporates for office relocation. Hence we always offer a customary rate for our every deal. We do proper packing to resist damages of your materials. We also commit scratch-free car delivery through closed-container.

Our customers always acknowledge our honest and quality services. Thus, the list of our satisfied customers is gradually increasing. Call us and let us do the rest.

Packers and Movers Kharghar

Shifting Charges Within Kharghar

Shifting ItemsEstimated Charges
1 BHK HouseRs. 4500-9000
2 BHK HouseRs. 5550-11000
3 BHK HouseRs. 7500-13000
4 BHK HouseRs. 9500-15000
5 BHK HouseRs. 11000-18500

Our Mission and Vision:

Greatway Packers and Movers came into being to offer safe and smooth move to the common people. There are plenty of movers in the market. Most of them are fraud or amateur by nature. They can only make a mess of your dear goods. Many people suffer a lot for them. They often don’t get back their items in good condition. Hence, getting the goods in a nice state has become a matter of luck for the clients.

We have decided to make a remedy for it. Our quality & ideal moving services have made it possible to move you without trouble or loss. Our workers are specially trained for this. They are expert enough to move you nicely. We have a special team to monitor the complete process of move of each client. No doubt, we charge money from the clients, but in return, we offer them a good moving experience free from any pain.

Our workers never demand extra money from the clients. We take good care of it. Plus, as our charges are small, people don’t feel it difficult to take our services. In short, we wish to be the best packer mover in the market. We wish to serve our clients honestly. We wish to maintain our fame always. It is our mission & vision.


Packing: Greatway Packers and Moversput proper stress on packing. We know that proper packing may avoid any damage to your things. For that, we use different packing materials including safety materials. Greatway Packers and MoversHome Shifting is well-known for its world-class packing.

Moving: Greatway Packers and Movers also takes care while loading and unloading your goods. Most of the damage occurs in these cases. Damages occur for rough handling of goods. We desist rough handling.

Car Moving: Apart from home relocation, Greatway Packers and Movers is also trusted for car shifting. Their expert team do the job nicely. Here also they know how to pack a two-wheeler or four-wheeler to prevent from any scratch on them. Hence Greatway Packers and Movers assures a total safe car relocation.

Insurance Support: Greatway Packers and Movers care for customers’ satisfaction. It provides transit insurance for all the relocation. Hence the customers fell secured in their every shifting. This insurance can support any unseen incident.

Warehousing Facility: Greatway Packers and Movers finds the need of storing materials in a warehouse. It may occur at any time in a relocation. Keeping that in mind, Greatway Packers and Movers offers a total storage facility. Your goods are safe in our warehouses with insurance coverage. Many of our customers take direct delivery from the warehouses.

Reallocation Help: Unpacking your materials in the new address is also a time taking job for you. Greatway Packers and Movers is ready to help you out in your unpacking and reallocation. We set your things as per your instructions.

With all these activities Greatway Packers and Movers is special in the packers and movers market. In every relocation need our customers only think of us.

The Areas We Serve:

 Greatway Cargo Movers Kharghar has been servicing the nation for a couple of years. In any relocation need, people in Sector 35I, Sector 30, Sector 31 and Sector 32 remember us for our reliable performance. We provide all kind of solution in your relocation. We, Greatway Cargo Movers, assure a smooth relocation always. Apart from Home shifting, we are also famous in office relocation, car delivery or other services in Ranjanpada, Sector 24, Sector 25, Murbi Village and Gharkul. We always prefer transit insurance in our every move. Hence, in your every need of relocation, remember the name of Greatway Cargo Movers in Sector 8, Sector 1, Belpada, Fanaspada, Chapewadi, Vastu Vihar, Sector 19 and Sector 29. Presently we are the leader in the market of packers and movers in Sector 28, Sector 34, Sector 21, Sector 20, Raghunath Vihar, Sector 17 and Sector 16. We please our customers to get referral business from them.  Your valuables are safe when we handle them. 

How Shifting Charges Vary For 1 BHK :

House Shifting charges within Kharghar (1 BHK)

Upto 1st Floor : Rs. 4000- Rs. 5000.
2nd Floor : Rs. 6000- Rs. 7000.
3rd Floor : Rs. 8000- Rs. 10000.
4th Floor : Rs. 9000- Rs. 11000.
5th Floor : Rs. 11000- Rs. 13500.

Office Items Shifting within Kharghar (1 BHK)

Complete Office Moving : Rs. 10000- Rs. 20000.
Few Office Items : Rs. 6000- Rs. 9000.

Moving Charges from Kharghar to Other Cities (1 BHK)

Moving Charges for 1 BHK from Kharghar to Bangalore - Rs. 20000.
Relocation Charges for 1 BHK from Kharghar to Chennai - Rs. 24500.
Packers and Movers Charges for 1 BHK from Kharghar to Kolkata - Rs. 40000.
Packing Shifting Charges for 1 BHK from Kharghar to Hyderabad - Rs. 15000.
Shifting Charges for 1 BHK from Kharghar to Delhi - Rs. 19500.
Relocation Charges for 1 BHK from Kharghar to Pune - Rs. 12000.

How Moving Charges Vary For 2 BHK :

Home Shifting charges within Kharghar (2 BHK)

Upto 1st Floor : Rs. 6000- Rs. 7000.
2nd Floor : Rs. 8500 Rs. 9500.
3rd Floor: Rs. 9000- Rs. 12000.
4th Floor: Rs. 10500- Rs. 13000.
5th Floor:Rs. 11000- Rs. 15000.

Corporate Shifting within Kharghar (2 BHK)

Complete Office Moving : Rs. 10000- Rs. 20000.
Few Office Goods : Rs. 8000- Rs. 12500.

Shifting Charges from Kharghar to Other Cities ( 2 BHK )

Packers and Movers Charges for 2 BHK from Navi Mumbai to Bangalore : Rs. 28000.
Relocation Charges for 2 BHK from Navi Mumbai to Pune : Rs. 16500.
Moving Charges for 2 BHK from Navi Mumbai to Chennai : Rs. 39000.
Packers and Movers Shifting Charges for 2 BHK from Navi Mumbai to Kolkata : Rs. 48000.
Shifting Charges for 2 BHK from Navi Mumbai to Delhi : Rs. 34500.
Packing Moving Charges for 2 BHK from Navi Mumbai to Hyderabad : Rs. 29500.

How Relocation Charges Vary For 3 BHK :

Home Shifting charges within Kharghar (3 BHK)

Upto 1st Floor : Rs. 7000- Rs. 9000.
2nd Floor : Rs. 9000- Rs. 11000.
3rd Floor : Rs. 11000- Rs. 13000.
4th Floor : Rs. 12000- Rs. 17000.
5th Floor : Rs. 13500- Rs. 19500.

Office Items Shifting within Kharghar (3 BHK)

Complete Office Moving : Rs. 9000- Rs. 19000.
Few Office Items : Rs. 8000- Rs. 15000.

Packing and Moving Charges from Kharghar to Other Cities (3 BHK)

Shifting Charges for 3 BHK from Kharghar to Bangalore : Rs. 48000.
Packers and Movers Charges for 3 BHK from Kharghar to Hyderabad: Rs. 44500.
Relocation Charges for 3 BHK from Kharghar to Pune : Rs. 23000.
Moving Charges for 3 BHK from Kharghar to Chennai : Rs. 69500.
Packers and Movers Shifting Charges for 3 BHK from Kharghar to Kolkata : Rs. 74000.
Shifting Charges for 3 BHK from Kharghar to Delhi : Rs. 65000.

Selecting The Proper Mover is Your Move Half Done:

If you need a smooth & smart move to a new location, you have to select a good mover to do the job nicely for you. Thus selecting a perfect mover is your top priority. When you move from one area to another, you have to depend solely on the mover. Plus, the future of your goods depends on that very mover fully. If your mover is a genuine & expert one, you can relax and be sure of a trouble-free move. On the other hand, if you by chance fall in the grip of a fraud or amateur mover, your move may become a nightmare.

So to get rid of this, everybody should be careful. They should take all needful steps to make their move a safe and sure one. A fraud or amateur mover may cause great harm to your goods. For that, you may suffer a great loss. Your goods may be stolen or damaged badly. Only a loyal mover can save you from this trouble. So, before hiring a mover to move your dear items, take proper details of the company and its clients’ reviews. Only then your move can be free from any pain.

Packers and Movers Kharghar

Check the points while to move a Long-distance:-

It is not essential that your shifting will take place nearby or to the same city or state. It may be to a far distant location. Here, you need to rely upon any packers and movers. Here are some points to focus more on such cases.

  1. Proper Planning: First of all, you make your mind to relocate. Then call the packers and movers and tell them your requirements. Choose a reputed company, and they will guide you in every step. They will plan the packing and lifting date. You will also get an idea of the total cost here.
  2. The volume of Things: Talk with the packers and movers people about the total number of items to pack and move. You may separate the unuseful stuff. Donate or sell them as it is possible. Thus, reduce the volume hence the cost.
  3. Safe Packing: This time, you have to move your things for a long-distance. So, the matter of safety should occur in your mind. Proper packing is necessary to save them from any damage. Safe packing is essential for the crockeries, showpieces etc.
  4. Cautious Lifting: After packing, lifting your things is another vital step. The chances of damage are much in this step. Hence skilled lifters should take up this job.
  5. Proper Transportation: Good transport is essential to carry your things for a long-distance move. Reputed packers and movers like us, use closed containers for the same. Choose good quality vehicles with a lesser jerk.
  6. Insurance Support: Never avoid transit insurance just for some little extra cost. It gives you extra peace of mind. It will support you in any future loss.

Consider these points in your long-distance shifting.

Why Are We The Best Movers ?

Among the packers and movers present in Kharghar we the best option to the people. We serve our clients in a nice and clear method. Our jobs are always free from any kind of trouble. We move the items of the clients in good company vehicles. The vehicles helps to move the goods in a safe and secure way. Plus, Packers and Movers Kharghar always fulfil the needs of the clients. Client-satisfaction is the mission and vision of the company. We feel happy if the clients feel happy with our quality services. Besides, we always cooperate with our clients in every aspect. If any problem arises in any matter, we solve them as soon as possible.

First of all, we clear all the service details and the charges near the clients. The company never holds back any matter from the clients. There is nothing hidden in our services. Thus, we never take extra money from our clients for any event. Our charges are fixed beforehand and we only accept that for our quality services. Hence, there is no story of any hidden charges here.

Plus, the workers of the company are friendly and expert enough to offer matchless services to the clients. It is the speciality of Movers and Packers KhargharRelocation Company in Kharghar has skilled and trained workers to make your relocation a memorable one. Our workers never deal with the clients rudely or ask for extra money from the clients. Once our clients hire us, we consider it as our responsibility to move you smoothly.

Moving Charges From Kharghar to Other Locations

From-To1 BHK2 BHK3 BHK
Kharghar-PuneRs. 12000Rs. 16500Rs. 23000
Kharghar-KolkataRs. 40000Rs. 48000Rs. 74000
Kharghar- ChennaiRs. 24500Rs. 39000Rs. 69500
Kharghar- DelhiRs. 19500Rs. 34500Rs. 65000
Kharghar- BangaloreRs. 20000Rs. 28000Rs. 48000
Kharghar-HyderabadRs. 15000Rs. 29500Rs. 44500

Who are the Popular Packers and Movers in Kharghar?

  • Sai Packers and Movers - 1102- Anmol Plaza, Sector 8, Kharghar Station Rd, Kharghar Navi Mumbai- 410210.
  • Link India Packers and Movers Kharghar - Shop 03,City View,Plot. No.127, 128, Sector 30, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210
  • Balaji Cargo Packers and Movers - Office No. - 55, Ground Floor Near, Dadlani Rd, Ashok Nagar Balkum Naka, Thane West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400608 Maharashtra, India.
  • UNIQUE EXPRESS PACKERS AND MOVERS - Office : Shop No. 10, Plot No. 212, Shelter Residency, Sector 10, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. 410210
  • Singh Packers and Movers - Shop No. 1, God Gifts Building Plot No. 129, Sector 30, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410210

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